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Next Generation Sequencing has dramatically increased our knowledge of the genetic pathways involved in cancer. This allows for screening of genes closely associated with the incidence of particular cancers.

The Sentis™ Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Screen provides health providers and patients with information relating to 21 genes, which have been linked to Breast Cancer or Ovarian Cancer, including the tumor suppressor genes BRCA1/2.

This enables the development of patient-specific medical management plans that can prevent or delay the onset of cancer, or detect it at an earlier and more treatable stage.

Cancers can be categorized by underlying alterations in DNA that drive their growth. As researchers understand more about these underlying alterations, traditional cytotoxic treatments are rapidly being replaced by potentially more e‑ective therapies that specifically target these changes in DNA that are important for cancer cell survival.

The Sentis™ Comprehensive Cancer Panel utilizes Next Generation Sequencing technology to identify all 4 types of genomic alterations across 1053 genes known to be unambiguous drivers of solid tumors, including SNPs, insertions and deletions, copy number alterations and structure variations.

Providing detailed understanding of these alterations, the Sentis™ Comprehensive Cancer Panel helps healthcare providers interpret the effect and cytotoxicity of specific treatments on tumors, including 109 target therapy and chemotherapy drugs, and enables them to identify targeted treatment options that may not have been previously considered.

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